Salmon Falls River

The Salmon Falls River runs for 37.5 miles from its headwaters at Great East Lake to where it converges with the Cocheco River. The river offers lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation, including kayaking, fishing, swimming, and more! You can access the river at many points, but our favorite is from William A. Bray Memorial Park. 

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Woodman Institute Museum

Woodman Institute Museum The Woodman, founded in 1916, is a traditional early 20th-century style natural science, history, and art museum with exhibits for all ages.

Willand Pond

Willand Pond The cities of Dover and Somersworth share shoreline around Willand Pond, a 66-acre body of fresh water, in the northeast section of Dover/south

Garrison Hill Park and Tower

Garrison Hill Park and Tower Garrison Hill Tower is a 76-foot-tall observatory atop Garrison Hill in Dover, New Hampshire, United States. The current tower, made

St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church

St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church Founded in 1839, its building, designed by English architect Henry Vaughan, is an important example of his work, and was listed